Impeccable service is the foundation of our work ethic. - Mykal Kristopher


Media Strategy

A customized media strategy is essential during the initial stages of the branding process. At ICPR, we’re committed to tailoring packages that specifically suit our client’s needs.

Social Strategy

Getting you connected to the most relevant social platforms that maximize your business needs. The most important impression you make can go a long way.

Digital Strategy

You simply can’t afford to be left behind. Why not trust us in assisting you with the tools in our arsenal to best leverage your message within a digital world.


Media Strategy

A customized media strategy is essential during the initial stages of the branding process. At ICPR, we’re committed to tailoring packages that specifically suit our client’s needs. Let your online presence be made known and we will supply you with the tools to do just that.

Presentation Coaching

In today’s business environment it’s important for individuals to communicate and present information effectively. Why not place our message in our hands.
Interview Preparation:
Our team of cross-platform journalists can better prepare you to deliver a powerful message to working journalist in media.
On-camera Interview Simulation:
In 5, 4, 3,’re on. For the average individual, conducting an on-air interview can be intimidating. ICPR can equip you with the skills to approach your next on-camera interview like a seasoned pro.
Presentation Development:
With the right words, visual and images your next presentation will leave you audience or clients on the edge of their seats. ICPR will help you craft the right message and make the impact.

Branding & PR Identity

How your brand is viewed is crucial in determining how you will stand apart from your competitors. We have the ability to help you stand out from the pack.
Everything is based on your name. Make sure your name is conveying the correct message to your audience.
Media Relations:
Let us help you tell your story in an impactful way. We can craft an impactful message and build a buzz centered on your product or service.
Writing & Editorial Support:
Our wordsmiths can take care of all your editorial needs. We know how to make your press release pops and drives home the appropriate message that you want to convey.
Events & Promotions:
Whether you’re launching a new product or promoting an existing one, ICPR will help you make sure you get connected with the right people and events.

Social Media

Yes, you already know: staying on top of the latest social media trends can be challenging. At ICPR we can help you navigate through the clutter and create a message that get’s you the notice you want.

Web Design & Branding

With more then 30 years experience in web design and web application development, our IT staff can create, develop, design and implement any web strategy that meets your needs and properly targets your audience. From responsive design to custom-built HTML5 web applications (SaaS), we can provide you with end-to-end solutions to help your business reach its designated goals.

Brand Promotion

Having partnered with established photographers, graphic artists and designers, ICPR can help you conceptualize, test and implement various forms of branding strategies for your business, from print and viral video marketing to online advertisement and business stationary. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality in visual presentation with impeccable insight into all the latest trends.


The Clinton Ron Walker Scholarship Fund

  • Event Planning. PR, Marketing & Editorial Execution. Secured various media interviews and appearances

Entertainer Jammin' Jay Lamont

  • Secured various media interviews and appearances. Assisted in promotional events

Pastor Claybon Lea

  • Assisted in promotional and Red Carpet event

Darlene McCoy

  • Provided promotional & media awareness assistance

Denna Pinns-Lawson

  • Event Planning. PR, Marketing & Editorial Execution. Secured various media interviews and appearances

Egami Consulting Group

  • PR, Marketing & Editorial Execution. Secured various media interviews and appearances

Precise Communications

  • Provided promotional & media awareness assistance

About Us

Innovative Concepts Public Relations

In 2011, Candace Walker and Mykal Kristopher-Frierson set out to create a unique business opportunity that would capitalize on their years of experience within the print, broadcast and multimedia industries. The result was the creation of Innovative Concepts, PR (ICPR). Founded upon three basic principles of creating engaging content, providing creative solutions and remaining relevant within an innovative industry, ICPR is committed to our core value and motivated by the desire to provide exemplary and distinctive marketing strategies for our clients.


As a consultant for Innovative Concepts PR, Mykal has assisted in creating a brand presence for his clients’ professional needs within the entertainment, music, and literary industries through the use of social media and various platforms.

Mykal’s nearly two -decades journalism career spans the broadcast, print, and public relations industries. Mykal has served as an associate producer and field producer with CNN/Turner Broadcasting, Inc. Through his work with the CNN, Mykal has produced a variety of featured segments with some of the network’s leading correspondents including; Don Lemon, Fredricka Whitfield, Kyra Phillips, and TJ Holmes. His segments, which range in topics from health, financial, and political issues to in­depth feature and breaking news segments, have also appeared on various CNN platforms.

Prior to his broadcast and agency career, he was a featured writer with Florida’s Sun ­Sentinel Community News Newspaper, the Westside Gazette Newspaper of Broward County, and he has contributed to various regional publications.

Mykal presently serves an active role in several professional organizations including the Black Public Relations Society, Atlanta chapter (BPRS/ATLANTA) as the Programs Chair and the Atlanta chapter of the National Association of Black Journalist. Mykal also currently serves on the board of The Clinton Ron Walker Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides education and heart screening for children and teens in Georgia.



Candace Walker is the past Gospel and Lifestyle Editor for Christian Men´s publication 3V Magazine. Besides holding the Editor title at Bellaonline for their Gospel and Christian Music Websites her byline has been featured in several publications including; The Indianapolis Recorder, (where she was the first female Business and Education reporter), Gospel Today, The Black Chronicle Newspaper, and Saved Magazine.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism, from Langston University.

Here at BellaOnline Candace intends to focus on the world of Gospel music and artists. "I plan to offer reviews of the latest CDs, events and give one on one interviews with some of the hottest musical acts and Christian leaders in the country."

She and her husband had two children a son Clinton who now lives with God in Heaven and a daughter. They reside in the Atlanta area. They established a scholarship in their dearly departed son´s memory.


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